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Y83 Series hydraulic metal baler
Y82 series of horizontal manual-belting balers
Y82 series of horizontal auto-belting balers
Q43 series scraped metal shearing machine
Q43 series of gantry plate shearers
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Y83 series metal briquetting press
WSD series of hydraulic shears for scrap steel
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Scrap shearer

WSD series of hydraulic steel scrap shearer

WSD series of hydraulic steel scrap shearer


Used for compression, baling and shearing of various light and thin steel scrap from production and life, light metal structure and non-ferrous metal of plasticity (stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper); or used for direct compression and baling of the above-stated waste materials.

Technical Specifications:

  No.   Model   Shearing force   Blade length   Cutting Frequency   Length of Chamber   Bale size(W×H)   Power
1 WSD-500 500t 800mm 4-6  1/min 4800mm 650×550mm 2×90kW
2 WSD-630 630t 800mm 4-6  1/min 6000mm 720×650mm 3×90kW
3 WSD-800 800t 800mm 4-6  1/min 6000mm 720×650mm 4×90kW
4 WSD-1000 1000t 1000mm 3-5  1/min 6000mm 840×720mm 5×90kW
5 WSD-1250 1250t 1000mm 3-5  1/min 8000mm 840×720mm 6×90kW
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