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Y83 Series hydraulic metal baler
Y83/F 63t-125t
YE83/F 63t-125t
YE83/T 63t-125t
Y83-150 150t
Y83Q 135t-230t
Y83/T 63t-125t
Y83/F 160t-315t
Y83/T 160t-315t
YE83/T 160t-600t
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Y82 series of horizontal auto-belting balers
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Metal baler

Y83/F series hydraulic metal baler

Y83/F-250 hydraulic metal baler
Y83/F-315 hydraulic metal baler
Y83/F-400 hydraulic metal baler


Y83 series metal hydraulic baler is capable of extruding various metal leftover materials, steel paring, waste copper, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and scraped car materials into qualified charging such as square column, cylinder, octagon body and other sharps, in a bid to reduce transportation & refining costs, and increase transportation speed. Such baler is mainly used in steel plants, reclamation & processing industry and nonferrous & ferrous metal refining industry.


①Such machineries adopt hydraulic drives, with manual or PLC automatic control operation as options.
②The discharging types fall into turning over, push out, forward out and manual lifting.
③It is unnecessary to fix foot screws and a diesel engine can be used in case of power supply unavailability.
④The extrusion force ranges from 63t to 400t, totaling 10 grades for customers’ selection, and productivity being from 4t/shift to 40t/shift.
⑤The size of the compression chamber and the form and size of the bale can be designed and customized according to the requirements of the customers.

Technical Specifications:

No. Model Nominal Force Chamber size Bale section Power Operation
1 Y83/F-160A 1600kN/160t 1600×1000×800mm 350×350mm
22/30kW Manual
Y83/F-160B 1600×1200×800mm 350×350mm
Y83/F-160C   1400×900×700mm
320×320mm  30kW
2 Y83/F-200A 2000kN/200t 1600×1000×800mm 350×350mm
Y83/F-200B 1600×1200×800mm 350×350mm
Y83/F-200C 1600×1200×900mm 450×450mm
Y83/F-200D 1800×1400×800mm 400×400mm
Y83/F-200E 1800×1400×900mm 500×500mm
Y83/F-200F 2000×1400×900mm 450×450mm
3 Y83/F-250A 2500kN/250t 2000×1400×900mm 450×450mm
Y83/F-250B 2000×1750×1000mm 500×500mm
Y83/F-250C 2000×1750×1200mm 600×600mm
Y83/F-250D 2000×1200×1200mm 600×600mm
4 Y83/F-315A 3150kN/315t 2000×1750×1200mm 500×500mm 90kW
Y83/F-315B 2600×1750×1200mm 500×500mm
Y83/F-315C 2500×2000×1200mm 600×600mm
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